Soft IP-PBX Basic

Our Software IP-PBX Basic solution can Convert Old –Telephony system to A Digital IP-Base Telephony which has following ultimate features which gives you fully monitored telephony system also which helps to minimise monthly Telephony expenditure while providing a more efficient channel of communication. 

  • Inbound / Outbound  Recordings / Reporting's (Total Incoming - outgoing Individual , Call Duration individual, Recording listen/download , Search Filter , Call Unique ID,s for Sales, roup module , Source-destinations details , etc...)
  • Call Waiting , Call Forwarding's and Queues  
  • Call Transfer ( Blind and attendant)  
  • Multiple PRI Automated Switching Etc......  
  • Multiple VOIP Trunk Switching Etc........  
  • Multiple DID Routing  
  • Inbound Call Hunting (Multiple Strategy)  
  • Product Announcement System For Agents  
  • Callers MOH & Callers Announcements